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Best Tips To Avoid Car Breakdowns This Winter

As a Texas driver, particularly those in El Paso, winter is an arduous feat that comes with its own set of challenges. Spark plugs conk out on the coldest days while tires may be low on air pressure and batteries are deader than ever. Corroding vehicle parts and frozen locks only add to your daily struggles during these months – so much for enduring the long winter season!

Nonetheless, when these issues make an unexpected appearance on the road in the chill of a winter night, it’s nothing short of exasperating. The feeling is unrivaled as you face mounting frustration and tension. Thankfully, there is one source that can provide relief: professional roadside assistance services.

You may not be able to avoid every winter setback, but you can certainly do your best in the effort of preventing them. As any car owner knows, certain issues tend to arise during cold months due to a variety of causes – and luckily, by understanding why something happens we can put measures into place that help us sidestep these occurrences. For instance: if left out in the cold for too long, engine oil tends to thicken; so parking it inside is an ideal way around this issue.

With that being said – here are some essential tips from us on how you can prevent those pesky breakdowns before they even begin!

Keep Your Garage At Its Ideal Temperature for Maximum Comfort.

The primary factor behind all of winter’s road predicaments is low temperature. A car may appear to be operating correctly in the morning, yet completely cease running while you are on your way to work and leave you stranded in freezing conditions. Though it seems sudden, this problem was actually accumulating overnight!

To keep your car from experiencing the annoyance of frozen parts and battery damage, be sure to regulate the temperature in your garage. If a heater is too expensive for you right now, focus on sealing any cracks or openings that let outside elements seep into your space. Not only will this action protect against potential water freezing but also safeguard components like metal pieces which can expand and contract over time due to extreme temperatures – both hot and cold!

Practice Regular Car Maintenance

In the winter months, vehicle maintenance becomes a crucial component of car ownership. The combination of cold weather and moisture can quickly cause rust, corrosion, mold buildup and other forms of wear & tear that can lead to costly repairs or even breakdowns if left unchecked. To avoid this issue, drivers should make sure they do regular pre-trip inspections every morning before getting on the road: check your lights; completely defrost (and deice) the car; inspect your battery levels; ensure tires are properly inflated; and have regular cleanups done at an auto shop near you. Taking these preventative measures will help keep both you – and your car – safe throughout winter!

Replace Your Wipers

Wintertime in El Paso can be especially treacherous for drivers, as the area’s climate is often characterized by foggy and unclear vision. This happens when moisture from the air continuously condenses on your windshield, evaporates again and ultimately results in a distorted line of sight. Everyone knows that one effective way to avoid unwanted incidents on roads due to poor visibility is replacing their windshield wipers every year – but winter seems like an ideal time to do this! At our long-standing tow company, we strongly believe that investing in stronger wipers will help you keep safe while driving during colder months!

Use High-Quality Full-Synthetic Oil

Even though modern vehicles boast cutting edge designs and sophisticated features, one problem still persists – frozen engine oil in winter. When temperatures dip to a frigid -10°C, the oil almost completely freezes up, leaving you with an unmoving vehicle if you chose to go shopping on a cold day. This situation is all too common for many car owners who find themselves stranded when they return from their errands due to their engine’s refusal to start.

To avoid potential engine damage during cold temperatures, use a light-weight full-synthetic oil with a low freezing point that is suitable for your specific car. This strategy will help ensure optimal performance and protect the longevity of your vehicle’s engine.

Use Winter Tires

During winter, regular tires can be disastrous due to their inflexible rubber. Without the extra grip and strength required for slippery roads, drivers using normal tires often report broken-down tires, low tire pressure, and traction issues. To ensure better control of your vehicle on icy surfaces in such conditions, switch to winter tires as recommended by experts! Not only do these specialized treads provide improved grip on the road but also reduce braking distance – ultimately minimizing your risk of slipping or damaging your car through loss of control.

If You Need Help, Get a Professional Towing Company

Although this tip may not guarantee your vehicle a breakdown-free ride, it will ensure that when you do experience one, you’ll be prepared for the aftermath. When dealing with an unexpected and inconvenient car issue, avoiding extra complications should become your priority; to make sure of this, contact a dependable 24/7 El Paso towing company offering both roadside assistance and tow services – that’s how you can protect yourself from unnecessary stress!

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