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Car Shaking? 7 Reasons Why

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If you’re a car lover, there may have been moments where your beloved vehicle began to jolt and tremble unexpectedly. It can be very alarming to witness such behavior from something that is meant to be finely-crafted and mechanically sound. No matter how well maintained the car is, it’s possible for mechanical issues to arise at any time.

It’s common to experience jostling and quaking with a vehicle, even when it seems like nothing is wrong. While this kind of problem can be inconvenient, many drivers don’t realize there may be underlying issues that need examining. Unfortunately, these kinds of occurrences are unavoidable at times but should not be taken lightly as they can lead to more serious consequences if left unchecked.

Here at the most dependable roadside assistance service in El Paso, we implore you to pay attention if your car starts shaking or trembling often. Doing so can help prevent potentially hazardous scenarios and expensive repairs down the road.

It’s of utmost importance that we differentiate between the normal vibrations and non-normal trembling. Your transport will usually slightly shake when you start it or while driving due to the rotation of its transmission gears and crankshaft. However, if your automobile shakes so intensely that it dissipates your concentration on the road ahead, then you must immediately stop as this is a clear indication of an issue with your car.

If you take note of the pattern in which your car shakes, it can help you to quickly identify and address the issue. This shaking may occur when driving at high or low speeds, as well as during braking or maintaining a consistent speed. Nonetheless, attempting to drive a vehicle that is vibrating severely increases risk and makes it more difficult for drivers to control their cars safely.

Let us assist you in uncovering the reason for your car shaking.

1. Brake Issues

Feeling the vehicle shake when you brake? That’s your car telling you it needs its brake pads and rotor changed! Brake problems are usually to blame for those bothersome trembles. Replacing them will help ensure a safe and smooth journey ahead.

If you experience shuddering upon accelerating above 50 mph, it’s likely due to a stuck brake calliper. Additionally, if your car emits a burning smell while speeding up, that too is an indicator of the same issue.

2. Tire Problems

As anticipated, irregular tread wear is usually the perpetrator behind these bumpy rides. This condition begins at a steady velocity and magnifies with speedier rates. Similarly, tires that are unsecured or not balanced may be responsible for vibrations too.

No matter why you’re experiencing tire issues, it’s critical not to overlook them – they may cause dangerous accidents if left unresolved. If your car is trembling more than usual and you can’t identify the source of the problem, our 24-hour roadside assistance services will come to your rescue with a fast and secure solution.

3. Malfunctioning Suspension System

If the car vibrates more in the steering wheel, then its source is most likely within the suspension system. Common culprits include ball joints, bearings, shock absorbers, and struts. It’s important to take action quickly though; if ignored it could lead to some serious consequences.

4. Spark Plug Problem

An old or jammed spark plug will inevitably impede your engine’s performance. Fortunately, it can be hard to distinguish shaking due to spark plug issues from that caused by low fuel levels, curved driveshafts, and damaged engine mounts. Although when you press the accelerator this type of vibration is usually more prominent, distinguishing between the two types of disturbances may still prove complicated without professional help.

Thus, it is imperative that you contact an emergency towing service provider and have your car transported safely to a reliable mechanic. If the shaking becomes uncontrollable, do not attempt to drive the vehicle yourself as this may result in further damage or injury. Have faith in professionals who can properly diagnose and repair any issues with your automobile!

5. Untightened Nuts and Bolts

Although sometimes your car might shake because of an issue within the vehicle, oftentimes it’s a result of lackadaisical mechanics. When you take your car to get serviced or repaired and the mechanic fails to properly tighten all bolts after working on it, this can cause significant wheel shaking which is both hazardous and inconvenient.

6. Transmission Fuel Levels

In addition to lubrication, transmission fluid plays an instrumental role in supplying the necessary hydraulic pressure that powers your car’s internal components. If you let your vehicle’s transmission fluid run too low, it can cause a distinct shaking sensation at certain speeds which may ultimately result in permanent damage to the system if left unresolved. Do not delay; take care of this issue right away!

7. Driveshaft And Axle Issues

With time, your treasured car’s driveshaft will gradually start to bend. This curvature leads to shaking and vibrations when you speed up. Moreover, driving on rocky surfaces featuring enormous stones may also harm your axle, making it bow and consequently resulting in disturbances as well.

All signs point to trouble when your car begins shaking or trembling, and driving it under these conditions is virtually never a good idea. Reach out to an experienced tow truck company as soon as possible in order to quickly transport the vehicle for immediate repair at a nearby auto shop.

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