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Difference Between Tow Truck and Wrecker?

What’s the Difference Between A Tow Truck and A Wrecker?

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If you’re interested in learning the distinctions between a tow truck and a wrecker, then your search is over!

Unless you are an expert in the towing industry, it is understandable that your knowledge of different tow trucks might not be as comprehensive as someone else’s. We regularly get questions like “What makes a tow truck different from a wrecker?” It is surprising how many distinctions there actually exist between two types of towing vehicles!

To be well-prepared in case of emergency, it is essential to understand the distinction between a tow truck and a wrecker. Read on to learn more about this difference so you are ready when seeking assistance.

Differences Between A Tow Truck and A Wrecker?

People frequently confuse tow trucks and wreckers, but there are key distinctions between them. Therefore, it is essential to understand what type of service you need when contacting a towing company for assistance.

What is a wrecker? A type of tow truck, it is the only vehicle that can move large vehicles like semi-trucks and trailers. Featuring an elevated boom and winch system, this machinery can lift overturned cars or separate multiple crushed automobiles. 

Furthermore, they are equipped to recover vehicles stuck in precarious locations where standard could not reach them. When you need more than just regular towing services – when heavy-duty assistance is required – there’s no better option than a wrecker!

Not to be confused with a winch or boom tow truck, flatbeds are the go-to for most basic car rescue scenarios. They remove the challenge of maneuvering in tight spaces and make it simple and fast to get your vehicle back on its feet. So if you’re just looking for a lift up from an uncomfortable spot, then odds are that’s what’ll show up at your doorstep!

For the majority of tow companies, their fleet consists primarily of flatbed tow trucks because they are highly flexible. However, there is usually a wrecker on hand for incidents or retrievals that require more assistance. To ensure you receive prompt help from the towing company, it’s essential to provide as much information about your situation as possible when calling them. By doing so, dispatch officers will be able to predict what kind of vehicle you need and have one sent out right away. You wouldn’t want an inadequate truck arriving at your location only for you needing to wait while another larger one was dispatched!

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Now that you understand the variations between a tow truck and a wrecker, help is just around the corner if you have an accident or breakdown in El Paso. Towing El Paso’s professional towing team is here for you 24/7 – no matter what time of day it may be, whether rain or shine! We’ll be there when it matters most!


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