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El Paso Towing Prices

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El Paso Towing Prices: A Guide to Understanding the Costs

As a driver, there is nothing more stressful than having your vehicle break down or being in an accident on the side of the road. During such scenarios, it’s vital to have access to reliable tow truck assistance that can show up quickly and affordably. When you need these services, though, prices may vary significantly depending on numerous factors associated with El Paso towing costs. This article will go over what affects pricing and helpful tips for saving money while ensuring quality service when you’re in need of emergency roadside help!


When your vehicle breaks down and you need a tow, the cost of towing services can be daunting. In this article, discover the average price for towing in El Paso, as well as factors that influence these prices so that you can find better ways to save money.

Average El Paso Towing Prices

If you’re in El Paso and need towing services, expect average costs anywhere between $95-$175 for a five-mile tow. Prices may vary according to your car’s make/model, distance traveled, or even the hour of day.

Factors that Affect Towing Prices in El Paso


The price of a tow is largely determined by the distance needed to be traveled. Generally, as the required tow increases in length, so does the cost associated with it – with El Paso towing companies typically charging between $2 and $4 per mile for each miles traversed.

Type of Vehicle

Your vehicle choice will ultimately determine the cost of towing. For instance, whilst sedans are light-duty vehicles and thus relatively inexpensive to tow, SUVs, trucks or vans require more expertise as well as specialised machinery in order for them to be safely towed – meaning that their corresponding costs are comparatively far higher.

Time of Day

Your costs for towing services in El Paso could be dependent on the time of day you require them, with some companies charging additional fees for peak hours or weekend and holiday services.

Additional Services

Residents of El Paso may expect to incur extra expenses when requesting additional services from their tow companies, including winching, flatbed towing, or lockout assistance. To ensure you get the best deal for your money and all the help you need in any situation, plan on setting aside a bit more than expected.

How to Save Money on Towing Services

Are you looking to save money on an upcoming towing service in El Paso? Here are some savvy tips that will help you keep costs low:

Check Your Insurance Policy

Before embarking on your next drive, check if your auto insurance policy offers roadside assistance coverage. A lot of policies include this form of aid, which can cover the costs related to having a tow truck come out and assist you.

You usually pay the towing company, get a receipt from them, and you can show it to your insurance which they should be able to reimburse you.

Ask if they offer any specials

Sometimes, towing companies may have a special deal going on, or sometimes are willing to negotiate if it’s a closer tow. So feel free to ask because it doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower price!


If your car ever breaks down, you know that towing service is a must. However, in El Paso alone, the cost of having your vehicle towed can differ significantly; this may depend on variables like distance traveled, type of automobile, hour of day and extra services required. To save money when it comes to roadside assistance costs, understanding these elements is key!

In conclusion, El Paso residents can expect to pay an average of $95 to $175 for a five-mile tow. Different circumstances such as the distance of the tow, type of vehicle, hour of day and added services may influence this rate. To find savings on towing fees, evaluate your insurance coverage plan, compare different companies or join a roadside assistance program.


Does car insurance cover towing services in El Paso?
Roadside assistance is included in many car insurance policies, meaning you may be eligible to receive coverage for the cost of a tow. Therefore, take some time today and review your policy documents to determine if you are covered!

Can I negotiate the price of towing services in El Paso?
Towing prices are sometimes negotiable, depending on the company. You can compare prices from different towing companies to find the best deal.

Do towing companies in El Paso charge extra for after-hours services?
To avoid any additional charges, it’s wise to make sure and inquire with the towing company if they have a surcharge for their services during high-traffic hours, weekends, or holidays. By doing so you can save money while still getting your car where it needs to go!

Is it cheaper to tow a vehicle during off-peak hours in El Paso?
To get the best price, be sure to enquire with your preferred tow company if discounts are available during off-peak hours.

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