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Semi-Truck Breakdown Tips

How can you most safely address an unexpected semi-truck breakdown while on the highway?

Steering a semi-truck demands your full attention; you must be on alert not only for yourself, but also the actions of other drivers. Be aware that when driving such a tremendous weighty vehicle, there are plenty of potential breakdowns – from breaks to transmissions and engine issues or flat tires brought about by weather conditions or accidents. To help protect you against this eventuality, here are some tips for next time your semi-truck needs repairs:

5 Tips for a Semi-Truck Breakdown

  1. Ensure You are Seen by Others – Every driver is intent on arriving at their destination quickly. Most drivers will not always be 100% focused on the road around them, so if you have had to pull off onto the side of a highway or street, switch your flashers on. It’s also wise to place reflective signs behind your vehicle as a precautionary measure in order alert any approaching motorists that you may be stopped there.
  2. Uncover the Reason for the Breakdown – If you can determine what created the breakdown, you’ll be better equipped to inform those coming to repair or salvage your semi-truck. The more information they possess, the faster they will be able to complete their task and get your truck up and running again. In addition, if you let them know of any potential causes in advance, it may help them bring along necessary parts so that repairs are completed quickly!
  3. It’s best to look for a nearby tow truck business if you know your location. Doing so will take less time than settling on one from out of town. And, in case of any automotive accidents or breakdowns in El Paso, Texas – Towing El Paso is the ideal alternative!
  4. As larger vehicles can be challenging for other drivers to recognize, it is essential to plan any passing or lane switching maneuvers well in advance. Make sure you use your turn signals and always check all of your blind spots before making the move. By taking these steps, fellow drivers will have plenty of time to adjust their course as necessary.
  5. Allocate Additional Room for Wide Turns – It takes a significant amount of space to turn around an enormous semi-truck. Therefore, make sure you provide yourself with some extra room so that wide turns can be made safely and without risk of collisions. An avoidable accident can put your journey on hold in the blink of an eye.

Our Towing Services in El Paso, Texas

You have all the information you need to manage a semi-truck breakdown while on the road. Although operating a semi-truck can be quite difficult, you don’t need to worry if your truck breaks down; Towing in El Paso is here with complete tow services!


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