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Tips for Driving in Autumn

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Enjoy the season’s beauty while still remaining secure on the roads this fall with these essential driving tips!

Though autumn is an ideal time to travel, it may also introduce potential dangers that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. To ensure safety and peace of mind when behind the wheel during this colorful season, follow these five indispensable driving tips. Read ahead for more information now!

Some Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know

  1. As school season has resumed, motorists must be extra vigilant in their driving due to the influx of students around schools. When kids are reunited with friends and back into an academic environment again, they may forget to consider safety measures like street crossing. Thus it is essential for drivers to keep a sharp eye when passing through any school zone; being aware of your surroundings saves lives!
  2. Beware of Night Driving – With the end of daylight savings, we will have to spend more time driving during dark or deteriorating light conditions. Although only 25% of our total driving time is at night, a startling 50% traffic fatalities occur after dark! Therefore, if your plan involves any nocturnal travel and you’re feeling tired – make sure to take regular breaks as they could save lives in the long run.
  3. In November, the likelihood of colliding with animals on the road is 3.5 times higher than any other month – according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. As such, it’s imperative that you keep a vigilant eye when driving during dusk or dawn; particularly in animal-populated areas!
  4. As the leaves fall to the ground, they must land somewhere. Most often, they make their way onto roads and accumulate in gutters or along its sides. This causes cars to park further out into traffic as drivers attempt to maneuver around these leafy obstacles. Keep an extra keen eye on narrow streets or any area with large concentrations of fallen foliage; safety comes first!
  5. Exercise Caution when Around Water – Don’t let the reduced amount of water that accompanies fall fool you; roads can still be just as slippery even if it is not pouring rain. Be sure to take extra precaution and pay attention in situations where there are fog, mist, or light rainfall while driving during this time of year.

Prepare yourself for the autumnal season ahead with reliable accident towing services.

Beat the bad weather by making sure you’re ready in case of unexpected emergencies. Don’t wait until it’s too late – ensure your safety and peace of mind now with top-notch accident towing services!

You’re ready to tackle autumn weather! Don’t let an unexpected car breakdown or accident ruin your fall. If something goes wrong, Towing El Paso is here to assist you in getting back on track quickly and safely.


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